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Beans-n-Cream ... a history of it's own...

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New Beginnings

When Paul and Diane Cope took the reins in the Spring of 2000, more room was an issue and the small building next door gave a little more seating, but was lacking heat! As the tiny shop kept up with the caffeine demands of the  locals it also felt the need to look a little further to

future growth... and so came the shop's first move... down the street to the spot that had historically held many a cafe over the years and was, at one time, the home of the only bakery in town! The new space gave room for Beans to grow and it was there that "breakfast" was added to the menu.

The Next Step

In the year 2008 an opportunity to move yet a second time, presented itself.

With the total renovation of the early 1920's Exchange Bank, the opportunity

of a lifetime began to unfold. The building that you see today is the original bank building and even still houses the original bank safe. The marble on the walls, the woodwork and the stained glass windows in the loft, tell of a time when life was quite different in the growing town of Cedarville.


Interior of Beans-n-Cream with the beautiful, original architecture when the building was built for use as the bank.

Where it all Began

It was in the Fall of 1997 in the small space that was the original Exchange Bank in the late 1800's, a barber shop in the 1950's thru the 1970's, a florist shop in the 1990's, home to Deborah's Attic in the 2000’s, and is now empty.

Join us, Friends!

We are proud to present to
a place of atmosphere

to study, to meet friends, to read,
to listen, to eat 
and of course to

enjoy one of life's simple pleasures
— coffee at its finest!

The first location of Beans-n-Cream was in the old Exchange Bank (1880's) building just down from the current CedarCare Pharmacy.

This space was also a Chic's barbershop, a florist shop, Deborah's Attic, and is currently empty.

The second location had been a restaurant, a coffee shop, an ice cream parlor, and a gift shop among other shops.

The current building was built with the same bricks as the current Cedarville University Human Resource Building on Main Street. This building was home to the Thrift-T Store, Harner's Grocery Store, and a thrift store called Elegant Junk.

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