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Job Application

We're always looking for dependable, flexible people to work at Beans-n-Cream!

At Beans-n-Cream, we are always on the look-out for the right people to join our team at the right time. Please take a few moments to review the information below and check off "yes or no" BEFORE applying to make sure this is the RIGHT job for YOU.

The answer is YES if you ...

1)  are an enegetic, friendly, "people" peson with a consistently positive attitude.

2)  posses excellent communication skills, with the ability to resolve customer concerns in a courteous, respectful manner

3)  are passionate about serving others and providing exceptional customer service at all times.

4)  have the ability to efficiently multi-task and stay calm during chaotic moments.

5)  have an outstanding work ethic, including a high level of personal integrity, promptness, well-groomed appearance, and 

     motivation to achieve results.

6)  have the ability to work as a responsible team member and serve as an example for others to do so.

7)  are a specialty coffee/tea lover with the desire to learn more about our fabulous products, tell others about them, and be a

     part of the fun-loving independent coffehouse community.

8)  are able to commit to consistently working a minimum of 15 hours per week, including weekends.

9)  are able to work a required rotation of one Sunday* morning a month.

Days and Times I am Available: (may add multiple times on the same day)
If hired, can you document US Citizenshp or the right to work?
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

If you have been convicted, explain number of conviction(s), nature of offense(s) leading to conviction(s}, how recently such offense(s)  was/were committed, sentence(s) imposed, and type(s) of rehabilitation:

REFERENCES - Please list two references other than relatives or previous employers. Give NAME, POSITION, ADDRESS, and PHONE.

May we contact this reference?
May we contact this reference?

Work Experience: Please list your work experience for your last 3 employers beginning with your most recent job held. If you were self-employed, give firm name. Please list reason for leaving each job.

May we contact this employer?
May we contact this employer?
May we contact this employer?
May we contact this employer?

An application form sometimes makes it difficult for an individual to adequately summarize a complete background. Use the space below to summarize any additional information necessary to describe your full qualifications for the specific position for which you are applying.

I do hereby authorize any person, firm, corporation or other entity to furnish any information requested by this employer, relative to my character, police or criminal records, employment history, educational, credentials, or credit. I do further release and discharge any party delivering information to this employer pursuant to this authorization from any liability, claims, charges, or causes of action that I may have as a result of the disclosure of any information requested by this employer. I certify that all statements on this application for employment are true and complete, and I understand that any false, misleading, or omitted statements shall be considered sufficient cause for my immediate discharge if employed. Further, I understand that this employment application and any other company document or statements made should not be construed as direct, implied, or inferred contracts of employment between this employer and myself. I understand that if hired, my employment will be at will, meaning that my employment and compensation can be terminated with or without cause and with or without notice at any time, at the option of either this employer or myself. 

Thank you for considering Beans-n-Cream.

Thanks for submitting your application!

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